The Gentle Sleep Book – My Antidote to Sleep Training Stress

Last weekend, while having a family day out (pub garden, sunshine, Appletiser – the one drink that makes this endless sobriety bearable) I got to talking to the mother of a baby of similar age to ours and before we knew it she’d casually, but intentionally, dropped in the fact their baby sleeps through the night. The full night, not just the 5 hours of sleep that constitutes the official ‘sleeping through the night’ quota but a full 7pm to 6am night of sleep. Good for her was what I should have thought (whilst also wishing a baby sleep regression upon her household for bragging) but she caught me at a weak moment

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12 Weeks on: Our Mother and Baby Photoshoot

Copyright Liam Bergin

A little visual feast for you today, courtesy of photographer Liam Bergin who you may remember shot my pregnancy photoshoot back in December. He kindly touched base again recently and asked if he could pop by to shoot me and Eliana going about our daily business as mum and baby in the comfort of our own flat. I am thoroughly gobsmacked at how well he did, considering Eliana was not at her most obliging and how lovely he made our flat look!

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