I’m Jess, a veteran model, rookie mama, loving wife and moonlighting blogger attempting to navigate my way through parenthood without completely sacrificing my London lifestyle, body and sanity.

I’ve been a model for almost half my life since I was scouted by an agent as a shy, svelte 17-year-old living with her parents in the Midlands. A lot has changed since then – I went to university, came out of my shell, grew boobs and a bum, tried my hand as a photographer, moved to London, met a boy, gained some friends and made it to my third decade. Yet somehow I’m still at it, muddling my way through the modelling world, sometimes wondering whether it’s time to get a ‘proper’ job but for the most part thanking my lucky stars that I manage to make a living working with talented people, in interesting locations for all sorts of well-known brands including Marks & Spencer, La Redoute, Adidas, Elle Macpherson intimates, Activia, Thomson and Liz Earle.

On the side, after graduating from a fine art and English degree a decade ago I decided I ought to try to keep my brain busy and following an internship at Tatler magazine became a freelance contributor to various magazines including GQ and LUX. Between shoots I’ve kept myself occupied compiling features on some of the things I like most, namely shopping and travel which has given me the enviable opportunity to visit swanky hotels and spas in exotic destinations from Japan to Uganda to Peru.

I have been living in London for the past eight years, working and putting down roots with MrE, the boy next door who wooed me with his northern charm and swiftly became the boyfriend and eventually the husband. Since then we have travelled the world together, inherited a capricious cat called Sgt Pepper and to complete the picture, earlier this year we welcomed our daughter, Eliana into the world.

My blogging story began in 2014 when, as a model with a fashion-unfriendly expanding waistline I suddenly found myself in the midst of a pregnant pause (couldn’t resist) in my working life with time on my hands and a craving to try something new.

I’ll be tracking my progress from model to mother, and hopefully, eventually to a life that manages to merge the two, sharing my tips, musings, photos, reviews and recommendations along the way.

For the record, I don’t claim to be a ‘model mother’ – they don’t exist – just a new mum trying her best who happens to model, on the odd occasion that she manages to scrub up a bit.

I really appreciate you stopping by. The cat seems to be getting a bit bored of my daily chatter and Eliana obliges with a gummy grin but it’s nice to think my ramblings have an adult audience too. Please bear with me while I find my feet and feel free to get in touch with a comment, via email on hello@modelmother.co.uk or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you have any encouraging words of advice for a new mum.

If you want to find out more about my blog or are interested in working with me head over to About This Site for details.



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