My MOOC Mind-Expansion Mission

So where was I? Ah yes, blogging. Well, another month has gone by in the blink of a sleep-deprived eye and the tumbleweed has started collecting on the Model Mother site. Let’s blame Mercury being in retrograde rather than the baby – no, it’s definitely not been the 8 month sleep regression, the onset of separation anxiety, the fact she’s now on the move and has sprouted numerous teeth in recent weeks that has stopped me in my tracks, it must be planetary alignment. 

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Pregnancy Yoga: Crying Myself Calm

Pregnancy Yoga

I walked through my front door last Thursday night and fell to pieces on the shoulder of MrE. I’d just been to my pregnancy yoga class and managed to hold it together in the car on the way home in the hope that MrE would be back from work to mop up the tears that I knew were about to brim over. Alarmed, he asked if I’d had a terrible class but through the sobs and gasps for air I tried to tell him that actually, it was quite the opposite, it had been another excellent session. Three minutes later I felt completely serene and spent the rest of the evening feeling better than I’d felt all week. 

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Ways to Make a Pregnant Woman Weep #256

Jeez, John Lewis has gone and done it again: reduced me to a blubbering mess. The tears were inevitable; I love a good weep, more so now than ever and when I clicked on the link to their new Christmas ad that landed in my inbox this week (the 6th November, as soon as the last glowing embers of your bonfire are extinguished, being the official day that the Christmas season begins apparently) I was practically willing it to happen.

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