My Mamas & Papas Fond Spot and A New Store Opening

Mamas & Papas Store

I was trying to work out the other day why I feel such brand loyalty towards Mamas and Papas. Yes, it’s just a shop but don’t people feel like that towards John Lewis and M&S? It’s not difficult to see how they manage it. Those stalwarts of the British high street have us eating out of their hands with emotionally-charged, cockle-warming and mouthwatering advertising campaigns that, quite flagrantly puppeteer us into doing exactly as they command – spending lots of money on stuffed penguins and ready-made chocolate fondant – all the while coercing us into believing that they’re there for us. Come to think of it, by baby bedtime at 7.30pm on a Friday night, M&S with your Dine in for Two, you really are there for us.

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A Hairy Predicament


People had warned me there would be hair loss post-pregnancy but oh my word. Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down. Like the revellers at a festival, all the good pregnancy hormones have had their fun, packed up camp and are making a sudden mass exodus from my body, leaving behind a bedraggled, muddy mess. Not only am I being sucked dry, and sleep-tortured, but now I’m also on my way to becoming as bald as my offspring.

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12 Weeks on: Our Mother and Baby Photoshoot

Copyright Liam Bergin

A little visual feast for you today, courtesy of photographer Liam Bergin who you may remember shot my pregnancy photoshoot back in December. He kindly touched base again recently and asked if he could pop by to shoot me and Eliana going about our daily business as mum and baby in the comfort of our own flat. I am thoroughly gobsmacked at how well he did, considering Eliana was not at her most obliging and how lovely he made our flat look!

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Child Modelling: Advice from an Insider

Photographer: Emma Tunbridge

Child modelling is a controversial matter and I understand why. Despite the glossy coating of the fashion and advertising worlds, the reality is that a child model is a child being put to work, sometimes from the age of just a few weeks, and getting paid for it. It would be easy to argue that it’s a form of child labour, that it encourages ego and vanity and is comparable with America’s beauty pageantry but personally, I think that if approached properly then child modelling has the potential to greatly enhance your child’s life experiences.

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My Maternity Photoshoot with Liam Bergin

Copyright Liam Bergin

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m not shy about documenting my bump. Perhaps it won’t be the same with subsequent pregnancies but I have found the day-to-day changes in my body and the baby’s development completely mesmerising throughout this pregnancy and taking photos along the way has helped me to fully appreciate the gravity of the task. Now, at week 36, when I look back at the pictures I took at week 18 when I thought I looked ‘properly pregnant’ I realise that I really just looked like I’d had a hearty lunch.

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Maternity Modelling: Working the Bump

JoJo Maman Bebe shoot behind the scenes

Sorry for going a bit quiet on you lovely folk over the past couple of weeks. Truth is, my third trimester kicked in and with it came an overnight plummet in my energy levels at a point when I suddenly had an influx of maternity modelling work as my bump was finally deemed sizeable enough to show off. Unfortunately, the two things don’t go hand in hand and so despite my best intentions to keep feeding you blog fodder, any spare time I’ve had has been spent crashing out on the sofa

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Slogan Sweats for Expectant Mums

I love a slogan sweatshirt at the best of times but I’ve come across a few witty knits recently that I think would be particularly apt stretched over the bump of an expectant mum. If you’re comfortable showcasing your bump and are feeling quite jovial about your pregnancy then these offer a good talking point, a bit like a tacky holiday t-shirt but way more tongue-in-cheek chic.

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Sample Sale Shopping: My Top 20 Tips

I am basking in the afterglow of retail therapy the kind of which can only be attributed to one thing: the sample sale.

Sample sales are a love/hate kind of affair and require a certain disposition. The sort of disposition that perhaps grew up going to car boot sales with your folks, braved Primark on a Saturday through your student years and can hold its own in the Boxing Day sales.

They can be off-putting for people who are unfamiliar with the process or think they are only for fashion insiders.

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Pregnancy Pamper: Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter

With my third trimester fast approaching and a quick scan ahead in my increasingly dog-eared copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting suggesting there’s a significant amount of baby growing still to do I’m beginning to wonder exactly where our offspring is going to fit. My bump is noticeable but neat but my skin looks to be at maximum capacity already and if I think too hard about how much more baby it will need to cover it leaves me feeling a bit itchy.

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Model Mother: An Introduction

Model portfolio pictures

Hellooo! Thanks for popping in and taking the time to read my first ever blog post. I feel a tad nervous so please be kind! Have a seat and make yourself comfy. I’ll pop on a brew and tell you how this came about.

A little bit about me: I am what it says on the tin – a model and a mother. Or at least a mother in the making, which I feel is close enough to justify this ever-so-original blog name.

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