My Maternity Photoshoot with Liam Bergin

Copyright Liam Bergin

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m not shy about documenting my bump. Perhaps it won’t be the same with subsequent pregnancies but I have found the day-to-day changes in my body and the baby’s development completely mesmerising throughout this pregnancy and taking photos along the way has helped me to fully appreciate the gravity of the task. Now, at week 36, when I look back at the pictures I took at week 18 when I thought I looked ‘properly pregnant’ I realise that I really just looked like I’d had a hearty lunch.

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Slogan Sweats for Expectant Mums

I love a slogan sweatshirt at the best of times but I’ve come across a few witty knits recently that I think would be particularly apt stretched over the bump of an expectant mum. If you’re comfortable showcasing your bump and are feeling quite jovial about your pregnancy then these offer a good talking point, a bit like a tacky holiday t-shirt but way more tongue-in-cheek chic.

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Sample Sale Shopping: My Top 20 Tips

I am basking in the afterglow of retail therapy the kind of which can only be attributed to one thing: the sample sale.

Sample sales are a love/hate kind of affair and require a certain disposition. The sort of disposition that perhaps grew up going to car boot sales with your folks, braved Primark on a Saturday through your student years and can hold its own in the Boxing Day sales.

They can be off-putting for people who are unfamiliar with the process or think they are only for fashion insiders.

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