When I was pregnant I wrote a post about my favourite pregnant instagrammers. Well, call me original, but I’ve now become a fan of the Instamum, that being the official superhero-sounding name for the popular mothers using Instagram these days which is appropriate really because they’re powerful, influential and they’re rife.

From what I can gather, Instagram has become the social media platform of choice for many mums. Perhaps it’s because scrolling through a feed of images is like white noise for the frazzled mind. Perhaps it’s because many mums go from having a creative career with an active social life to an existence spent, almost exclusively in the early days, bound by four walls and the whims of a person who isn’t even capable of lifting their head let alone able to talk back to you. We use our phones a lot, whether we should or not, to ebb the tide of isolation and looking at these pictures offers us a little visual escapism as well as a way to create a network, a virtual safety blanket of mums who offer support, stimulation and inspiration.

So, #babyspam has become my #foodporn. I know the concept of peeping into the lives of families I don’t know through squares filled with pixels may seem voyeuristic to the non Instamum-hooked amongst you but for me, for the most part, believe it or not, it’s about the quality of the photography. There are lots of mums that I follow because I like them or their brand, @selfishmother for example but my favourites are always the ones where good photography comes first and who consequently have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of followers. I’ve always favoured reportage style photos and Instagram celebrates that ‘capture the moment’ immediacy so I like it when a square tells a good story, especially if it’s also accompanied by a good caption. It just so happens the stories that resonate with me these days tend to be about families and motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I know a perfectly dressed bed and baby often doesn’t happen by chance and that some of these ‘stories’ are fabricated but I also appreciate the mum who uses a bit of creative license and makes motherhood aspirational.

After all, every mother out there is a budding iPhonographer with a phone memory bursting at the seams with baby pictures. We might not all want to share those pictures with the world but be grateful to those who do as we can learn a lot about taking better pictures of our minis from them so that when we scroll back through the digital timelines of their early years we will have beautiful photos not just average photos that do little justice to our beautiful babies.


It seems Eimear’s face, or more specifically, her baby bump has been in demand by every cool mama brand of late. Companies from newbie Tiba +Marl to goliaths Net a Porter and ASOS have been hankering to harness her Irish sincerity and icy blonde look (as well as her Insta influence) to represent the new face of modern motherhood. Her gallery for now is a mix of style, interiors and occasionally her daughter Saoirse but expect plenty of cool infant-wear imminently because she has a brand new baby to show off.


The devil is in the detail with @laurapshort. Her photos of flowers and her children are impeccably shot, full of light and texture and cropped to perfection. Blush tones, rosebud lips, earthy ceramics, baby knits and blonde curls against a backdrop of farrow and ball-toned walls make her home look like a haven of tranquility despite the preschooler and the baby in her midst. All I can hope is those carefully calculated crops actually disguise the sort of child-related chaos that most of us are more familiar with by tucking it just out of frame.


Carefully coordinating her gallery to her cat, a streak of marmalade runs through the photos of Minnesota-based Bri Heiligenthal. Her feed is worth a follow solely for the sheer delight that is #thetalesofleoandtoby, a boy (Leo) and his exceptionally tolerant feline friend. If I had a cat that wasn’t completely terrorised by the baby I would probably orchestrate this love-in on a daily basis too.



The account of Ashley Jennett, another just-popped mama (with her third son) who is a photographer by trade and thus has a feed of soulful photos, both personal and professional, accompanied by a candid commentary full of dry, observational humour which she elaborates upon on her blog. Look out for her once a month family portrait with written updates on each family member – it’s a great idea to copy as a way to document the quicksilveriness of childhood.


A bona fide beautiful-baby maker, if you haven’t heard about Courtney Adamo already then you’re probably not a mother. Touted as the matriarch of Britain’s most stylish family, she’s now also perhaps one of the coolest and most admired mums for having made the brave leap to take her dirty-blonde, ruddy-cheeked offspring out of school for a family gap year. They’re currently in New Zealand looking enviably sun-kissed and wholesome and have me plotting our family gap year for c2025.


I don’t know who Tessa is or where she comes from and she gives little away of herself in her gallery of pictures, preferring to focus her camera on her red-headed brood instead but her approach is so stylishly pared back that she must be Scandinavian, or Dutch at the very least. How she gets three boys to cooperate for a photo I don’t know but her gallery can teach us a thing or two about how to style a coat rack.


A luscious Italian transplant in London, @masha_theone manages to imbue cold London light with Mediterranean charm helped along by her long-lashed, bonnet-wearing beauty of a baby, some particularly lovely floral bed linen and regular kitchen sink baths.


An honorary additional mention also goes to @local_milk, not yet an Instamum but a predominantly foodie-focused account that’s likely to be trampled upon by the pitter patter of tiny feet before too long when Elizabeth Kirby’s first baby appears. In the meantime, her wistful musings on pregnancy and impending motherhood and her wardrobe of flowy clothes will appeal to the organically-minded while her photos of food and well laid tables may well have you despairing at the fact you serve up Birdseye fishfingers for dinner, most of which ends up on the floor. Still, it makes for good photo fodder.


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