Craving: An Olli Ella Nursing Chair

Olli-Ella MoMa-Glider

Last week I found myself, once again, doing the rounds of the nursery section of John Lewis. It’s a middle-class-mum pastime, if ever there was one, but that’s probably my pigeonhole so I might as well make myself cosy. It lures me in with a very handy parents room equipped with changing mats and nursing chairs; a clever little marketing trick really as it’s now got me hankering after a nursing chair of my own

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What’s in my Changing Bag?

What's in my Changing Bag?

As you may have noticed my blogging has been somewhat intermittent of late thanks to the appendage I have attached to me for 95 per cent of the day – the other 5 per cent taken up with other menial necessities including showering and eating (no longer for savouring, simply for survival) – leaving very little time for creative thought, and certainly not the hands to turn those thoughts into typed words.

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A Hairy Predicament


People had warned me there would be hair loss post-pregnancy but oh my word. Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down. Like the revellers at a festival, all the good pregnancy hormones have had their fun, packed up camp and are making a sudden mass exodus from my body, leaving behind a bedraggled, muddy mess. Not only am I being sucked dry, and sleep-tortured, but now I’m also on my way to becoming as bald as my offspring.

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The Gentle Sleep Book – My Antidote to Sleep Training Stress

Last weekend, while having a family day out (pub garden, sunshine, Appletiser – the one drink that makes this endless sobriety bearable) I got to talking to the mother of a baby of similar age to ours and before we knew it she’d casually, but intentionally, dropped in the fact their baby sleeps through the night. The full night, not just the 5 hours of sleep that constitutes the official ‘sleeping through the night’ quota but a full 7pm to 6am night of sleep. Good for her was what I should have thought (whilst also wishing a baby sleep regression upon her household for bragging) but she caught me at a weak moment

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12 Weeks on: Our Mother and Baby Photoshoot

Copyright Liam Bergin

A little visual feast for you today, courtesy of photographer Liam Bergin who you may remember shot my pregnancy photoshoot back in December. He kindly touched base again recently and asked if he could pop by to shoot me and Eliana going about our daily business as mum and baby in the comfort of our own flat. I am thoroughly gobsmacked at how well he did, considering Eliana was not at her most obliging and how lovely he made our flat look!

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The Fourth Trimester

Fourth trimester pic

It turns out, and it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me, nor will it to anyone who knows me, that my parenting instincts lie way left of centre. I’m an on demand-breastfeeding, babywearing, bedsharing liberal. I’m not one for labelling parenting styles but if I were to park myself anywhere then it’s firmly in the ‘Attachment Parenting’ camp. My baby is almost three months out of the womb, has lost all that puffy newborn-ness and is beginning to develop a personality of her own but in terms of physical closeness, it’s like she never left me.

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Cosatto Ooba Travel System Review

I have really been racking up the mileage in the past few weeks. I’d like to say they’re air miles but, alas, they’re the pedestrian kind. I used to be an A to B walker and needed to be incentivised by an end point (country pub, café with cake, basically anywhere with food and drink) for me to get my boots on. Then I had a baby and discovered the magical, soporific power combo of fresh air and movement.

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