Hi, I’m Jess, and I am what it says on the tin, a model and a mother.

I’ve been a model for half my life since I was scouted by an agent as a shy, svelte 16-year-old on a school trip and despite everyone’s presumptions about the modelling industry, I still have a thriving career at the grand old age of 34. I feel very grateful to have worked with talented people in interesting locations and for all sorts of well known brands including Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Jaguar, Liz Earle skincare and Stella McCartney during my career but, naturally, the demographic I appeal to changed somewhere down the line. Where I used to model swimwear on the beaches of Bali I now do TV commercials for fabric softener in blacked out studios in Hackney but at least that means I can get away with a few more lines around my sleep-deprived eyes.

Alongside modelling I always had other ventures on the go. After graduating with a BA in English and Photography I became a family photographer. Then when modelling took me to London I moonlighted as an associate editor on a luxury lifestyle magazine and in between shoots kept myself occupied compiling features on some of the things I like most, namely shopping and travel which gave me the enviable opportunity to visit swanky hotels and spas in exotic destinations from Japan to Uganda to Peru.

So far, so glam. Then in early 2015 I became a mother to a blonde, curly mopped, little girl called Eliana and my life changed completely in a way I had only partially anticipated. After years of hustling and chasing work I slowed everything down to make mothering the priority. I wouldn’t say it was a conscious decision and at times I have really struggled with the fact that I’ve left so much of my old lifestyle behind but I followed my instinct and three years later I am finally confident that I have made the right choices for me and my family. More than that; I’ve found more happiness and contentment in spending time with my pint-sized sidekick than I ever felt pre-baby.

To match this slower pace, after ten years of living in London, we relocated to rural Hertfordshire in 2017 to be closer to family and nature and as soon as we did I fell pregnant which I like to think is my body’s way of telling me it was the right thing to do.

I began this blog in 2014 when, as a model with a fashion-unfriendly expanding waistline I suddenly found myself in the midst of a career hiatus with time on my hands and a craving to try something new. It helped give shape to the final weeks of pregnancy and the blurry days of early parenthood and gave me a space to be me at a time when it felt like my identity had melted away overnight.

I’m now almost halfway through my second pregnancy (well, fourth pregnancy actually, but that’s a story for another day) and it feels like the perfect time to bring this blog back to life in the hope that it will carry me through the coming year and beyond. It has already given me so many opportunities to connect, inspire and celebrate motherhood and for that I am extremely thankful.

I really appreciate you stopping by and would love to hear from you with any comments, suggestions or if you just fancy a chat. My current specialist subjects are princesses and unicorns but I’m more than keen to vary it up a bit. I’m at hello@modelmother.co.uk or you can find me on Instagram @modelmother

Oh, and just for the record, I don’t claim to be a ‘model mother’; they don’t exist. I’m just a mum trying her best who happens to be a model, on the odd occasion that she manages to scrub up a bit.


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